Joliene Marquis

Joliene Marquis
Joliene Marquis had a fortunate upbringing, being surrounded by various artists, designers and craftsmen within her family. Following in their footsteps she drew, designed clothing and jewelry, created lamp work, dolls and clay sculpture. Always a lover of the outdoors she collected all things of nature: rocks, shells, wood, leaves, butterflies and more. Having lived overseas for three years she traveled extensively throughout Asia, the Middle East and Europe. Familiarizing herself with many cultures, philosophies and religions. Her work reflects her lifetime of experience and love of the mysteries and intricacies of this life and the next. Central to her work is the idea of life cycles: birth, maturation and death, evolution and continuance. In addition, each piece is designed with thoughtfulness to the teachings that can be gleaned from the plant, animal or mineral and its purpose and place on earth.

Joliene Marquis: 303-478-3838

Over the past few years, I have been assembling all of my unique finds in a way that captures the amazing beauty and deeper meaning that is our natural world.

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