Herb Dreo

Herb Dreo

erb inherited his carving tools and bit of talent from his father – a master carver from Austria. Herb’s hobbies had always been outdoor oriented. Skiing, hiking, biking, and just being in the Colorado mountains. He inherited additional woodworking tools from his father in law in 2001 and he then started carving – the first love affair. To be a better carver drawing lessons followed and to his surprise he did quite well. He is particularly adept at getting likeness of people, which led to drawing portraits.

In 2005 he bought a lathe and the second love affair started turning a variety of bowls, vases, and lidded boxes.

His advice? “I’m living proof of finding a passion and some talent in the arts. Take some classes and find if you’ve got some hidden within you. As much as possible he tries to salvage wood that has been cut and is going to the dump. If you get him a chunk of wood, there will be a free bowl in it for you.

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