Patricia Trapp

Patricia Trapp
Patricia (Patti) Trapp relocated to Colorado three years ago following a disabling injury and early retirement to live out her lifelong dream. As a child, the realization set in that Patti was more of an artistic spirit than her numerous brothers and sisters. Her grandmother, Rita Latsch, was the most influential person encouraging her to pursue her artistic dreams of drawing and painting.  She thought that Patti had a talent inherited from Patti’s great aunt, Lanie Buck, a successful artist in her day.

Pencil drawing and sketching in notebooks and any blank paper she could find throughout her adolescent years was the media of choice back then. Rita taught her at a very young age that if you wanted something bad enough you were going to get it in the long run with dedication and persistence.

Patti soon discovered she had the ability to express herself and create through various types of media. As an adult busy with having a family and owning a business, she yearned to paint again. With her son grown she soon became busy with establishing a career with the State of Wisconsin where she was a Financial Administrator, retiring after 25 years. Patti began thinking about her passion for drawing and painting again and began taking classes in China and Porcelain painting. This gave Patti new skills, an eye for detail, realism and patience.  China painting is a complex skill and there are many steps taken to complete a piece.  The process of china painting requires at times several kiln firings and application of paint in several layers to achieve the proper shading and detail found in the live studies.  Patti’s subjects in oils, acrylic, pencil, ink and some pyrography are animals and plants native to the Rocky Mountains. Many have enjoyed the work she has done with the various mediums, producing one of a kind pieces of art. She takes orders for custom pieces as well as teaches in the various mediums.

Today she lives in the beautiful mountains of Bailey, Colorado with the love of her life and spends hours in her studio living her dream…

Trays  Poppy Bowl  Pointsettia Vase  Plates  Pitcher reverse side  Eggs