Robert Wise

Robert Wise
Beginning his studies at the Miles School of Art, Robert Wise painted through high school. After an interlude of college and graduate school, he returned to the University of Central Oklahoma and studied painting under Michael Bacchi. An outstanding water colorist, Bacchi worked with Wise in oils, acrylics, and lithography. Wise completed a degree in fine arts from the university. Michael Bacchi continued to be a friend and source of encouragement for years.

Robert Wise grew up in Deer Creek valley. Decades later he and his wife Margueritte returned to a home in Bailey. Passionately in love with the soaring peaks and rushing streams of Colorado, these beauties of nature often turn up in his work. Influenced by both impressionism and realism, he attempts to put significant meaning in his paintings. Often he attempts to portray reality in a human way. Wise uses bright, vibrant colors in praise of beauty.

The author of 34 published books, Wise has traveled through more than 60 countries that often provide images for his paintings. He currently does portrait and figure commissions. If you have the subject matter, he had the picture for you. His email address is


Winter Apples  Striped Woman Sitting Woman  Shawl Woman