Sarah Dignan

Sarah Dignan

S arah was born in San Jose, California, and raised around Black Forest, Colorado; she went to college in Riverton, Wyoming and Gunnison, Colorado—all beautiful and wild places in very different ways. Before moving to the mountains of Pine, she and her family lived on the plains of Elizabeth, Colorado (there was a brief stopover in Denver but she is decidedly not a city person).

She is inspired by her love of mountains and trees, grasses and skies, sunshine and snow, dogs and cats, horses and cows, and all that is nature. Her paintings often emphasize color and light, focusing on bringing out the life and uniqueness in all subjects.

Sarah has been a lifelong artist, winning statewide art competitions as early as 2nd grade, and continuing through high school and college. She now primarily works in oil on canvas, although also enjoys acrylic, watercolor, printmaking, charcoal, and sculpture. While her subjects and themes vary widely, she often does portraits of animals and people, as well as children’s book illustration. She received her BFA in painting and has since been involved in various shows and exhibits in Colorado Springs, Castle Rock, Parker, Denver, and mountain communities. In addition to her freelance work and commissions, she has given art lessons in both a classroom and one-on-one setting.

Sarah lives in the woods on a mountain with one very tall husband, two very cute kids, three neurotic dogs, one cat named Hamburger, and two wild mustang rescues named Professor Petunia and Lady Mike.

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